all good artists are dead is a provocation on the 21st century, made by three women in London.

The name all good artists are dead has been a mantra, a reassurance, a humble reminder and a call to arms.

It considers the past and the future, like the body of our work.

Our scenes are not ones of a political battlefield. Rather than ideological our battlefield is philosophical, if not theological. 

Our work is a palimpsest. We descend with our contemporary perspective onto the past and have a conversation, as two equals, who are above neither humour nor tragedy. 

all good artists are dead have performed at Bergen Fringe, RADA Festival, Prague Fringe, VAULT Festival, Red Gallery, Bloomsbury Festival, the Birkbeck Centre of Contemporary Theatre, Lights of Soho Gallery and The Rag Factory. 

In 2018 we were shortlisted for a fellowship award with National Portfolio artists Action Hero. 

We are members of the 2019/20 Emerging Companies Programme at The New Diorama Theatre. 

​all good artists have trained at East 15 Acting School, The Royal Swedish Ballet School, The Art Academy of Osijek and The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.