Who's Afraid of Anton Chekhov?


Who’s Afraid of Anton Chekhov? is a play about a Brick Lane artist in crisis. We draped this crisis in the Chekhovian decadence Shoreditch would probably feel uncomfortable to be described as, which to us is very funny.

When the dead Russian’s reflection on pre-revolutionary Russia mixed with our lived experience of east London, an explosion between the past and the present occurred. It created a strange, anachronistic and haunted territory where our artist stands stranded.

Our artist has an obsession with the past. We think it has to do with his need to create something new. It  looks like an urge to denounce, almost destroy the past, whilst at once loving it and wanting to preserve it. Chekhov epitomises this sentiment. The human being at the end of an era. Its tragedy. Its fatalism. And ultimately, if you can accept the new order; its joy, and if not, its misery.

It so happens that we were coming to the end of drama school when we started improvising together in the studio. At the end of these improvisations Dina Gordon, co-founder of all good artists are dead, went away and wrote the play ‘Who’s Afraid of Anton Chekhov?’

Who's Afraid of Anton Chekhov? is being showcased as part of LIVE DRAFTS at
The Yard Theatre 2nd July 2019 

This project is supported by Arts Council England 

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